By Published On: July 16, 2015

Catering options

One of the many services that we offer here at Breeze In is catering. If you have a social, business, or corporate event that you need covering, we have a few steps that we’ll go through to help make the event a resounding success.

When we receive a request for a catered event, we like to sit down with our customers and have a conversation with them about it. We’ll ask questions to get down to the heart of the need and how we can provide the service to fit and exceed that need. Our philosophy on catering is that we “under-promise and over-deliver”. One of the central conversations revolves around what a customer’s expectation is, what we can do to meet that, at which venue, at what budget, and in what time frame. We have a professional management staff with 30 years of combined experience in banquets and for that reason, can tailor your vision to suit particular themes.  No event is too large or too simple.

The same concept applies even more so to wedding receptions. Clear communication is really important throughout the whole process, and we can’t stress that enough. We offer tastings and do site visits of the location with our client so that we can get a feel for how the event is going to look and feel, as well as giving the customer peace of mind about the service. We typically have a tasting several weeks before the event so there can be confidence in the quality of food, or pairing with wines.  For larger, buffet-style events we offer the tables and the linens included in the service fee.

Each catering event is fluid, but we do have a niche that we focus on for smaller functions. If you require a meeting catered and need something simple, we do value what we’re known for: sandwiches, fine pastries, soups, and legendary burritos.  With that said, we offer so much more.  We apply our fresh food approach to catering: we stick to our philosophy on that regardless of what event we’re doing or if you visit the store for a quick meal.  All our product is produced fresh on site.  No added chemicals or phosphates, no frozen bread dough.  We cook from scratch, each and every day.

If you need an event covered, we can tailor our service to fit your needs and exceed them. We enjoy the challenge of being creative, seasonal, and customizing ideas. So, the next time you need some great food, give us a call and try out BreezeIn Catering.

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