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Our store sells hundreds of different products. While all of these products are legal, some of them are age-restricted. That means that these special products, like alcohol, can only be sold to persons of legal age. To ensure that the Company and employees are complying with local and state laws, the government conducts random, unaccounted compliance checks. State and local governments can fine the employees for making an illegal sale. In the State of Alaska, an employee may be subject to the consequences of paying a fine, jail time and be disciplined under our Company Disciplinary Policy.

This manual will assist you in learning all you can about how to sell liquor within the law. Along with this manual, the Company, through a Training for Alcohol Professionals (“TAP”) course, will provide all new front end employees with training lessons and tests that must be passed before an employee is permitted to sell liquor. If you have any questions, please contact your supervisor.


Liquor Selling Policy

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Under Alaska State Law, a person must be twenty-one (21) to purchase liquor. As an employee, you are not permitted to sell hard liquor, beer, wine, or products containing liquor to a person under the age of 21. It is also Alaska State Law that an employee must be 21 to handle liquor. If you are under 21, you may not handle liquor and you must ask a supervisor for assistance with liquor sales. Failure to comply with Alaska State Laws and Company Liquor Policies will result in disciplinary action. Please review Alaska Statutes 04.16 et seq., because these laws govern liquor sales in Alaska. Please specifically review Alaska Statutes 04.16.015, 04.16.020, 04.16.030, 04.16.051, 04.16.052, 04.16.120, 04.16.125, 04.21.025, 04.21.030, 04.21.050 and 04.16.180 attached to this written policy and contact your supervisor if you have any questions.

Liquor Training, Compliance, and Fines

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The Company, through a Training for Alcohol Professionals (TAP) course, will provide all front end employees with sufficient training to ensure that employees are informed and aware of applicable laws and requirements. Once an employee has completed the training and received a certification of completion, the employee may start selling liquor. Even if you are 21, you may not conduct a liquor related sale without this certification. The training and tests will cover