July 2015

Catering options

By |July 16, 2015|Chef David|

One of the many services that we offer here at Breeze In is catering. If you have a social, business, or corporate event that you need covering, we have a few steps that we’ll go through to help make the event a resounding success.

When we receive a request for a catered event, we like to sit down with our customers and have a conversation with them about it. We’ll ask questions to get down to the heart of the need and how we can provide the service to fit and exceed that need. Our philosophy on catering is that we “under-promise and over-deliver”. One of the central conversations revolves around what a customer’s expectation is, what we can do to meet that, at which venue, at what budget, and in what time frame. We have a professional management staff with 30 years of combined experience in banquets and for that reason, can tailor your vision to suit particular themes.  No event is too large or too simple.

The same concept applies even more so to wedding receptions. Clear communication is really important throughout the whole process, and we can’t stress that enough. We offer tastings and do site visits of the location with our client so that we can get a feel for how the event is going to look and feel, as well as giving the customer peace of mind about the service. We typically have a tasting several weeks before the event so there can be confidence in the quality of food, or pairing with wines.  For larger, buffet-style events we offer the tables and the linens included in the service fee.

Each catering event is fluid, but we do have a niche that we focus on for smaller functions. If you require a meeting catered and need something simple, we do value what we’re known for: sandwiches, fine pastries, soups, and legendary burritos.  With that said, we offer so much more.  We apply our fresh food approach to catering: we stick to our philosophy on that regardless of what event we’re doing or if you visit the store for a quick meal.  All our product is produced fresh on site.  No added chemicals or phosphates, no frozen bread dough.  We cook from scratch, each and every day.

If you need an event covered, we can tailor our service to fit your needs and exceed them. We enjoy the challenge of being creative, seasonal, and customizing ideas. So, the next time you need some great food, give us a call and try out BreezeIn Catering.

June 2015

Fresh Food is the Best Food

By |June 18, 2015|Chef David|

In the old days, food was made naturally. You would know where the meat comes from, what happens in the processing phase (as it would be done in the local store). You would taste a product that was extremely high in quality because the food was natural. A local restaurant would buy a chicken or half-cow, and everything would be produced on site.

When the food industry became centralized in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, this process of making food began to slowly fade. Instead, efficiency and consistency reigned. This did have some advantages. Food is available year-round at a lower cost. Products are centralized in regions (eggs in the Midwest, for example) and then distributed across the country. Some regions don’t produce certain foods, and it’s good to be able to have access to food when your region doesn’t produce that food. Chemicals were injected into the food to create a longer shelf life, but this came at a cost—the quality of the food dipped. There’s a balancing act that you have to manage and there are alternatives to factories that produce the food in a central location.

At Breeze In, we’ve always believed in a philosophy of slow-cooked food. Fresh food is the best food, and we don’t take shortcuts here. We believe slow-cooked food has a place in the food industry and that place is here to stay.

Have you ever wondered why our donuts taste so good? Why our bread is so fresh, why our meat tastes like real meat? There is a large difference in quality when food is processed and cooked in a normal, natural way on location. We make everything from scratch and this has been the philosophy of Breeze In since our inception over thirty years ago.

“I think we’re really starting to see a concern among the population with what is going into the food we eat,” Chef David said. “We’re starting to see a swing back to the way things used to be, when food was processed, cured, and cooked on location. It’s become a way to really do business.”

This swing back was made manifest when new food safety regulations were signed into law by President Obama in January of 2011. According to an article on www.fda.gov, this is the most sweeping reform in terms of packaging and labeling in 70 years. The aim, according to the FDA, is to “ensure the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it.”

These regulations make manufacturers go the extra mile with their packaging and labeling. This is a real effort to ensure that what you read on a label is accurate.

We believe in natural food that tastes good, like it was meant to be. We believe in bread being made fresh every day. We believe in our donuts being made fresh every day, and we believe in our meats being cured and smoked on location.  We sell food that you can trust.

At Breeze In, we serve a variety of products ranging from beverages to sandwiches, ribs to donuts, and other various grocery items that you may need. We hope you have a good experience with the quality of our food. Slow-cooked, all natural, fresh meals make a difference in today’s food industry, and we are proud to say we have stayed true to that philosophy for over thirty years.

October 2014

Thank You

By |October 18, 2014|Chef David|

We at Breeze In wish to say thank you to the community for the support and encouragement of our culinary endeavors.  Upon the launch of our updated and improved website a new feature will include a short commentary upon the epicurean delights that we strive to provide for the loyal clientele of Breeze In.  I will use this format to help keep the community abreast of the constant improvements we are working on in the shop, from roasted meats, wedding cakes and artisanal breads to “Rum and Coke” bacon and the expansion of Breeze In Catering into the Juneau Market.

For those who may not be familiar with the operation, we are a locally owned and run business that has been servicing the needs of this community by offering donuts, bagels, sandwiches, various sundries and groceries and the best selection of wine, beer and spirits to the folks of Juneau for Thirty Years.  With the construction of the Lemon Creek facility, food production was centralized to keep up with the demand.  Here at the central commissary, we produce all of our products from scratch.  We have a commitment to all natural, chemical free food with “clean” labels to offer the freshest possible food to our customers.  Given the circumstances of working with food in Southeast, we are proud to say we offer a slow food approach to our crafted foods.  Our finished meats are all handcrafted and produced on property.  Smoked Turkey, Cured Fresh Ham, Roast Beef, Pastrami, Corned Beef, breakfast sausage and, of course, bacon to the tune of an average of 500 lbs of pork belly a week.  Our soups are made from scratch, our breads baked Dailey without anti molding chemicals or unpronounceable chemical preservatives.  We are committed to making good food, fast, and reasonable priced, consistently.  “Good food worth paying for.” (more…)

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