Welcome to Our Wine and Spirits Section! Breeze In has the best wine and beer selection in town. We will always have your favorite beer, either chilled in our coolers or on tap in our growler section. We also pride ourselves on our extensive wine selection. We are always stocking our inventory with a wide range of spirits and liquor for your every need from ballgame beverage to fancy dinner wine.

Out of town orders

In the state of Alaska electronic faxes are not an acceptable form of documentation for out of town orders, Breeze In
must require that customers send in the original signed order by mail. Orders cannot be shipped until Breeze In receives the original document.
To open an account you must by law provide:

  1. CLEAR photocopy of proof of age ID (FRONT AND BACK) with a signature below it.
  2. State residence address and contact phone number

The requirements listed above will need to be mailed in for our files. Please also mail in a clear photocopy of a credit card (both sides) with account number, expiration date and signature below the copy. Once an account has been set-up, to place an order you will need to provide the original order document containing:

  1. Date
  2. Type and quantity of products
  3. State residence address
  4. Signature
  5. Payment Method

No order will be filled without both the original written order and full payment.
*10% case discount only applies to in-store purchases, not on out of town orders*​