Growler Station

Growler Station

Get Your Growler At The Lemon Creek Breeze In

Come check out our state of the art Growler Station. The freshest growler of beer you can buy anywhere in Juneau! Our Growler Station purges the oxygen from the container before filling for longer lasting and great tasting beer.

What’s on tap? Check out our Growler Station Express below.

Have an iPhone or iPad? Make sure and grab ‘The Beer Wizard App‘.

Can I bring in my own growler?  Yes, as long as it is designed for the purpose of containing draft beer, is in serviceable condition, is translucent enough to see-thru when filling and is clean and dry when you bring it in.

How long will my filled growler keep for? That depends, refrigerated unopened it will likely keep for up to 4 weeks with little to no loss of flavor and carbonation. Loss of or altered flavor could mean the growler wasn’t clean upon filling *if you brought in your own* . Opened it will keep for a few days under refrigeration.

Why do you fill the bottle with CO2 before filling?  This is so your beer stays fresh! We purge all the oxygen out of the bottle before filling it with delicious beer because oxygen is a carbonation killer! We also give your growler a shot of CO2 before we cap it to ensure it stays fresh from keg to pint, wherever that may be!

Check out our Fresh Craft Beer to go on the Growler Station.

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